We're proud of the relationships we develop with our customers, and are honored that they offer to endorse our services.
Below are some of the things they've said about us and our work, along with links to the websites we created for them.

Wagon West RV Park Logo

Wagon West RV Park — Salome, AZ

"Thanks Peter & John for the great job on the website. It's absolutely fantastic! Our new customers are telling us that the website is the reason they have come to us. Great work guys. If you need a good rating or a letter of recommendation, just let me know. Again, thanks. Hopefully we may purchase another park and have you guys do another website design."

Jim Ford
Owner, Wagon West RV Park

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort Logo

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort — Rockport, TX

"Ohh guys - you are GREAT!!! We already had two new campers coming in today who have been on our fantastic new website before...!!!! How AAAAAWESOME is this!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! It works!!!! :-) Your happy customer, MICHA"

Michael & Suzanne Schmidt
Owners, Wilderness Oaks RV Resort


Le Sage Riviera RV Park— Grover Beach, CA

"The new website is fantastic. We're getting many, many reservations from it, and it's saving us lots of time. You guys get an A+++!"

Laura Pestoni
Manager, Le Sage Riviera RV Park

Silverline Resort in Winthrop, WA

Silverline Resort — Winthrop, WA

"So the feedback we have gotten from new customers when they call and we get them on to view pictures or the map is FANTASTIC!! Everyone has said it is very easy to navigate and we even got a “bright, cheery and welcoming”!! So GREAT JOB!! THANKS SO MUCH!!"

I also want to say again that your keen minds and witty words have propelled us to a new level of business. I am amazed at how in just the past two weeks we have gotten so many calls from folks that have been to this area but didn’t know we were here. THANK YOU!!!

Kristi & Dan Brookshire
Owners, Silverline Resort

Pioneer RV Park in Quincy, CA

Pioneer RV Park — Quincy, CA

"We just got another reservation today because of our 'beautiful website.' We hear it all the time! Folks are web browsing for an RV Park in the area, or looking for specific activities. They come upon our website (with very little searching) and VOILA - they're excited and on their way to see us! Yeah! Thanks for the terrific work you did on our website and the help you've provided to us during the year."

Wes & Diane Sanders
Owners, Pioneer RV Park

VIP La Feria RV Park

VIP La Feria RV Park — La Feria, TX

"I checked out the additions and changes that you made and they are great! You two are awesome. Anytime we need something, and even when we don't know what we need, you two seem to know what to do for us and take care of it promptly. I am so glad that we decided to update our website."

Ruth Dearinger
Manager, VIP La Feria RV Park

Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Wilderness Lakes RV Resort — Mathis, TX

"Love your work. You can use us as a reference any time. I had no idea there was so much to do in our area!! I have a gentleman in here who said we have the best website he's seen (apparently his son creates websites too). Thank you for your diligence and excellence."

Dave Lotridge
Manager, Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Orange Blossom KOA

Orange Blossom KOA — Apopka, FL

"Of all the myriad of things that need to be accomplished when starting a business, you guys take the cake — a great looking website that really works, done in record time and at a reasonable cost!

Wouldn't it be great if everyone did what they say they're going to do! Thank you!"

Ralph & Marty Bogle
Owners, Orange Blossom KOA

McKinley's Marina and RV Park in Waldport, OR

McKinley's Marina & RV Park — Waldport, OR

"I can't tell you how many compliments we get on your web design. People are constantly remarking on how beautiful it is, how the park looks like the site and better and that it's so easy to navigate. We had a gentleman in this past weekend who said he taught design at a college and made a point of coming in and telling us it was one of the best designs he'd ever seen. We love it too.

This year's volume for visitors was great and we have lots of reservations for next year already as well as 2012 and requests to make them for 2013 too! Thanks so much for the great work you did for us. Please let us know if you're anywhere nearby and can come for a visit."

Pat Tryon
Owner, McKinley's Marina & RV Park

Scenic View RV Park owners Bob & Brenda Keeler

Scenic View RV Park — Ninilchik, AK

"John & Peter went far beyond just website design. They showed incredible patience with a client that had a vision, but no verbal skills to express it and no ability to create it. They tenaciously took disjointed ideas, pictures and concepts, and turned them into a beautifully-designed, cohesive, easy-to-navigate, amazing website.

Although they were not able to visit our park personally, they were still able to create a site that truly feels like they have been here. I cannot imagine it could be any better had they actually been able to visit in person.

One look at our site makes even the most skeptical RVer want to visit the beautiful state of Alaska, and our park in particular. I just hope we don't get so busy it stops being fun and starts being a "job"! Thank you John and Peter from the bottom of our hearts."

Bob & Brenda Keeler
Owners, Scenic View RV Park

Lake Elsinore Marina & RV Resort — Lake Elsinore, CA

"We are so happy with the website. It looks great and it's so awesome to be able to refer people on the phone to a place where they can see beautiful pics of our park and take their time exploring all we have to offer here.

Thanks to you both as well for always being readily available to make changes and answer all questions. We are very happy customers."

Heidi Wigent
Manager, Lake Elsinore Marina & RV Resort

The Redwoods RV Resort in Crescent City, CA

The Redwoods RV Resort — Crescent City, CA

"Boy, we have been busy, the phone going crazy, & we are as busy with guest arrivals for spring break like we never were before. I don't think we had this much action even Memorial Day weekend last year. The new web site is working!! I've had a lot of folks tell me we have the best website out there."

Joyce Ray
Manager, The Redwoods RV Resort

Ponderosa Campground Owners Skip, Robin and Linda Richardson and their staff.

Ponderosa Campground — Cody, WY

"We feel we have a lot to offer, and wanted a website that really showed that. RVgeeks did a fantastic job of capturing the very best of our campground. Peter & John delivered on every promise and more, and created a showpiece website for us (and they're great guys too)!"

The Richardson Family
Owners, Ponderosa Campground

Bonita Vista Resort Managers Dick & Jane

Bonita Vista Resort — Apache Junction, AZ

"John & Peter quickly captured everything we love about our resort, and showed it off in beautiful pictures. We've had websites for other parks we've managed, and RVgeeks designs much better sites at a lower cost. They are a real bargain. Plus they're really nice guys, so working with them was a pleasure."

Dick & Jane Holst
Managers, Bonita Vista Resort

Camp Williams Resort Managers Mark & Carole Yelton

Camp Williams Resort & Campground — Azusa, CA

"Nice guys, and great at what they do – what a super combination. John & Peter did a really terrific job designing our new website. Our old site looked pretty plain, but now people will be able to see how nice it is here. RVgeeks were really responsive to all of our suggestions and captured the very best of what we have to offer."

Mark & Carole Yelton
Managers, Camp Williams Resort

Quail Trails Village Managers Steve & Jan Larroche

Quail Trails Village RV & MH Park — Paradise, CA

"We're very proud of Quail Trails Village, and appreciate what a great job RVgeeks did helping us share the best of the park and the surrounding area with a stunning new website. Thanks to John and Peter for showing just how nice our little slice of Paradise is!"

Steve & Jan Larroche
Managers, Quail Trails Village

RV World Campground owners Dale & Veida Ely.

RV World Campground — Rawlins, WY

"John & Peter did an excellent job designing our website. They were really responsive to our needs and delivered on everything they promised and more. The entire experience was great, and we can't recommend RVgeeks enough."

Dale & Veida Ely
Owners, RV World Campground

Southside RV Park Owners Tim, Janet, Laura & Derek Gore

Southside RV Park — Dillon, MT

"Peter & John are so good at what they do, the fact that they're such nice guys too is just a bonus. They designed a terrific website for us, handled every detail, and even became like a part of our family in the process. If you want a really wonderful experience in creating a website, call RVgeeks!"

Tim, Janet, Laura, & Derek Gore
Owners, Southside RV Park

Sunbeam Lake RV Resort Managers Phil & Phyllis

Sunbeam Lake RV Resort — El Centro, CA

"We take great pride in our resort, and were eager to have our website updated to convey how beautiful it is here. RVgeeks did an amazing job of transforming our old site to show us off to the fullest. Thanks Peter & John for helping us share what we love most about our park!"

Phil & Phyllis Dyer
Managers, Sunbeam Lake RV Resort

Desert Oasis MH & RV Resort Manager Jim Wojtecki

Desert Oasis MH & RV Resort — Desert Edge, CA

"Our old website just didn't show how nice it is here. As soon as they arrived, John & Peter saw how to portray us in a great new way, and really made the resort look terrific. They're real professionals, and couldn't have been nicer to work with."

Jim Wojtecki
Manager, Desert Oasis MH & RV Resort

Happy Days RV Park Managers John & Mary

Happy Days RV Park — Apache Junction, AZ

"We take great pride in keeping our park nice, and Peter & John did a terrific job of showing that on our website. They were great to work with, and we can't recommend them enough. Thank you RVgeeks!"

John & Mary Schaefer
Managers, Happy Days RV Park

Cottonwood Cove MH & RV Park Managers Rusty & Peggy

Cottonwood Cove MH & RV Park — Casa Grande, AZ

"RVgeeks really went above and beyond for us. Besides designing a beautiful website for our park, John & Peter got our DSL up and running too! They were real professionals and great to work with, and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs a website."

Rusty & Peggy Knippenberg
Managers, Cottonwood Cove Park


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